16 de fev de 2013


It`s my first post here, so maybe I should introduce myself :) My (or our!) name is Asia and Ola or if you prefer: Joanne and Alex. We`re twins, who have one stardoll account - miss_miley_van. Of course in next posts, we`ll write in single form to make it easier for you! Our hobby is horse riding, reading, writing and listening to music. We come from Poland, so we gonna write in English. Hope it is not problem for you!

  Earrings - Glam`rus + Snow white and the Huntsman (bazar)
  Necklace - Frankie Morello Tribute + Nelly.com + Rio (bazar-plaza-bazar)
Blouse - Basics (plaza)
Skirt - Rio (plaza)
Purse- Rio (plaza)
  Heels- Film Theory (plaza)

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