6 de abr de 2013

Gold² .

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Blusa² : HB. Bonjour Bizou (Bazaar)
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Bolsa² : Frankie Morello Tribute (Bazaar)
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Bracelete² : Rio (Bazaar)

14 comentários:

  1. Are you a fan of Cassandra Clare`s books?
    I think that she is a great writer, one of my favourites :)

    1. Yes! I'm anxious waiting for the movie * - *

    2. OMG!
      Me too!
      Do you like Clary?
      Being honestly - I don't really at all.
      But Magnus, Jace, Alec, Simon, Isabelle are great!
      Have you read a Clockwork Princess too?

    3. Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.

    4. I like a little bit, I think it could be stronger and more courageous at times. I'm still in fourth book yet so I went to another writer's work.
      I also love the Magnus, Jace and Alec. They are my favorites!
      Also I've read the series Hush Hush and Fallen.

    5. O! Fifth is really great - you must read it too!
      Yes... Malec is lovely :)
      Fallen - one of my (next) favourites books I read them all!
      Cam, Daniel, Arianne, Luce...
      Hush Hush was good, but second book was weird so I didn`t read others, but maybe I`ll :)

    6. Among all I like the Hush Hush, Nora is really brave and is a spicy romance. Still nn read the last!
      Have Fallen I hated the ending. Out that not speak of Cam at the end: s
      Also read the host, and now I see the movie * - *

    7. Hm... you` re right.
      The end was quite strange, but all together all books were great C:
      Have you already seen the Host?
      I don`t, but I`m going to watch it in cinemas on next Saturday!
      I` ve got book too, but only for two weeks (?) and I don`t have enough time to read it - I`ll do it after watching movie ;)

    8. It is worth reading because it explains a lot more than the movie. And honestly I thought the movie might be better.
      Now just wait for the city of bones * - *

    9. Yes *__*
      Did you hear it?
      Wow - it`s great!

    10. Unfortunately I'm muted. But this letter perfect!
      Combines well * - *
      You know the name? so i can download

    11. Yes, Beth Crowley - ,Warrior` (: